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2019 Live Workshops - Fall Schedule

Natural Basket Making
The Gift of Trees - Baskets, Rope, Glue, & More

Sept 21 , 2019 - Cost: $85 + HST or Bundle with "Fire & Water" for $139/both 

Come learn and connect with the many gifts we are given by the trees of the Algonquin region. You will have the opportunity to make a pine bark berry basket, including learning how to harvest and process tree bark and conifer roots for the stitching. Learn to process conifer resin into natural glue, how to make rope from tree fibres, start a pine needle coil basket, and learn how to identify and build a deeper relationship with many of the tree species of our region. 

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Bow drill and friction fire
Fire & Water - Essential Human Skills for Survival & Nature Connection

Sept 22, 2019 - Cost: $75 + HST or bundle with "The Gift of Trees" for $139/both

- Are you confident in your ability to start a fire in any weather conditions?

- Have you ever experienced the magic of rubbing sticks together to light a fire like our ancient ancestors once did? 

- If you were lost in the woods with only a knife, could you collect and purify water to drink? 

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Survival Shelter Lean-to
Wilderness Survival Essentials in Guelph Ontario

Oct 5 & 6, 2019 - Cost: $260 + HST

Whether you’re lost in the woods, something unexpected happens on a day hike or canoe trip, you find yourself in a natural disaster, or you want to just have fun and learn new skills, knowing the principals and foundational skills of wilderness survival are part of how humans have survived throughout time and could save and your life and enrich your time in the outdoors!

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2019 FREE Web Classes 

Starting fall 2019 we will be running several monthly FREE web classes with expert instructors. These web classes are designed to give you the knowledge and practical tools to stay safe, be adaptable, and resilient, in our quickly changing world and climate. Please join us as we explore innovative approaches to some of the most important topics of our times! 

Regenerative Design & Community in a Changing Climate - Brandy Gallagher from OUR EcoVillage

September 11, 2019, 9pm EST (6pm PST) - Cost: FREE

How do we grow and mobilize the collective strength and resiliency of our greater community in the face of climate change and more frequent extreme weather events?
- How do we design all the systems that support our lives to be resilient and regenerative?

The complex challenges of our quickly changing world take a diverse skill set to be prepared, adaptable and resilient. Brandy will share some of their top lessons & strategies from 25+ years of running OUR Ecovillage, a sustainable living site and education centre rooted in social, ecological and economic well being. 
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A New Story; Regenerating Community - Bob Stilger from New Stories

September 19, 2019 (9pm EST, 6pm PST) - Cost: FREE

Beyond the devastation, death and destruction of disaster, there’s an opening, a call to consider what’s truly important in our lives. ​

We need a whole new paradigm around disasters. The “one and done” story of the last century is no longer helpful. Disasters are no longer an infrequent phenomena. Climate, social, political, economic and personal disasters are dominant features in the landscape of our lives.

We must re-imagine our work of preparing for, recovering from, and rebuilding after disasters. This work is really about regenerating community.
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2020 Schedule

Live Workshops & Training:

 Wild Deer Wilderness Skills Program - Click to register & learn more

January to June, 1 weekend a month, Toronto, ON 

Hosted by the p.i.n.e. project, the program runs one weekend a month from January to June. Gain incredible skills and experiences in the wilderness. Learn tools and methods to inspire profound connection with the natural world. We will dive into the skill sets of the modern hunter-gatherer, naturalist, and “coyote mentor” to learn how these create resilience in ourselves and communities.

Custom Workshops & Training

Changing World founder Chris Gilmour has been running workshops and doing public speaking events for the past ten years in a range of topics. He has taught for a host of organizations such as Sir Sanford Fleming College, Emergency Management & Training Inc, Ganaraska Conservation Authority, the p.i.n.e. project, Sticks & Stones Wilderness School, Earth Tracks Outdoors School, privately organized community events and more.

Chris is available to run customized workshops and training for your community or organization as well as speak at events of 50 people or more.

Our flagship workshop is “Building Resiliency: Emergency & Disaster Preparedness for Individuals, Families & Communities.”  The content of this workshop can be altered to meet the unique needs of your group or community. 

Other topics available for custom workshops include:

* Introduction to Wilderness Survival

* Urban Survival Tactics

* Advanced Wilderness Survival & Bushcraft (many potential topics)

* Wilderness Travel, Safety & Awareness

* Wildlife Tracking

* Introduction to Bird Studies & Interpretive Bird Language

* Survival Trapping & Hunting Techniques

* Leadership Development & Team Building

* and more.

“It was Chris’s passion for what he speaks about that pulled me in and kept me coming back. His personal stories of hunting, foraging, and survivalist adventures, were woven seamlessly into his teachings in ways that made everything seem possible. His questioning style brought me to my own conclusions and taught me to look for answers in nature…” – Anna Kiiskinen