Be Confident Your Family  is Prepared 
for Extreme Weather, Disasters, & Climate Change


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A 7-day game-like eCourse to help you get prepared fast when you have limited time and money. 

- Practical & empowering approach, (not fear based). 

- Fun & engaging. Do it with friends, family, and kids.

-Clear & actionable steps 

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What You Will Learn in Survive the Storms:

Day 1: Think like a Survival Expert

Learn situational awareness & how to read the landscape. Notice the signs from nature, potential hazards, life-saving resources, escape routes, & more. 

Day 2: Emergency Communications Plans

When phone lines and the internet go down, create a practical plan  on how to get back in touch with your family & receive important information about the event.

Day 3: Emergency Kits & Gear

If you had to evacuate your home with 20 min notice or hunker down without power for weeks, are you ready? Make sure your emergency kits are ready to go and cover the most important items. 

Day 4: Prepare Your Home to Hunker Down

If there was a natural disaster, are you aware of the commonly overlooked hazards? Learn essential survival skills to help you safely ride out the storm. 

Day 5: Water Storage, Collection, & Purification

If your plumbing stopped working, the municipal water was all contaminated, and the stores ran out of water, would you know what to? Learn the essentials of water storing, harvesting and purifying. 

Day 6: Health & Hygiene After the Storm

After a disaster the landscape is full of new sometimes hidden hazards and advanced medical help may not be available. Learn about often overlooked hazards and other health and hygiene kits to stay safe. 

Day 7: Next Steps in Your Preparedness

You survived the storm, now it is time to map out your next steps in being more resilient in our rapidly changing climate and world. Also learn about engaging your community and working with nature. 

Recommended Emergency & Survival Gear

We're total nerds when it comes to sourcing the best, gear. As a member, we'll send you to all the right places and provide you with comprehensive gear lists for your various types of kits. .

Included with the Training: 

70+ Page Survival Guide

Survive the Storms Workbook

Printable worksheets

Interactive Community 

What Past Participants Are Saying:

Chantale Killey, Participant

“Survive the Storms took a topic which for me was overwhelming, and broke it into practical, engaging, useful, and even FUN steps.  The course is suitable for someone who has not spent any time preparing for disasters, but also offers enough depth for someone who has. Chris does a great job at removing the fear from this topic, and turning it into something engaging and intelligent.

Sara Quirino, Participant & Mother

“I like being prepared and want to know as much as possible to keep myself and my family safe. It covers all the most important subjects and there is a community and amazing teacher to help with any questions in the future”

Lynn & Pam, Members

“An in-depth training to start preparing for adverse and emergency situations. Includes useful handouts, clear instruction & discussion, maximizing usage of equipment and gear. It really helped me fine tune some of the things I already had, streamline my list of things still needing done, and encouraged us to continue working at it.  

100% Money Back Guarantee if Unsatisfied... But We Doubt It, It's AWESOME!

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