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Understanding Nature's Story

and the Art of Tracking eCourse


or  3 Payments of $66

12 week training (lifetime access)

Live Mentoring Sessions (Jan 2021)

Complete at Your Own Pace

6 Workbooks & Field Journals

20 + Video lessons

Online Community & Guide

Audio Sense-Meditations

Understanding Nature's Story

and the Art of Tracking eCourse


12 week training

Live Mentoring Calls (Jan 2021)

Complete at Your Own Pace

6 Workbooks & Field Journals

20 + Video lessons

Online Community & Guide

Audio Sense-Meditations

This Course is for You if . . .

You want to be more knowledgeable about ecology and wildlife...

You would like to be able to interpret the tracks and signs left by wildlife and know what nature's sounds are telling you...

You want to see more wild animals and observe or photograph them in their natural state...

You interested in starting or enhancing a career in the outdoors...

You are ready to expand your awareness & deepen your connection to nature in ways you may not have know possible...

Why We Made This Course... 

What if tracks and signs came alive and told you what animals were doing, when they were there, and even what they were thinking and why?

Through some pretty simple (yet fundamental) skills and ideas, this was historically how most humans have experienced the natural world. Only with contemporary technology and culture have we forgotten how to read this evergreen language.

Participants are given six lessons over a twelve week period, each containing essential themes and concepts to tracking, as well as research and practice assignments. You can rebuild these fundamentals, and remember what it is to experience nature as an ongoing story telling itself to you. Its also super fun! 

Understanding the Story Told By Nature,

and Going Deeper with the Art of Tracking


Payment in 3 Installments:

$66USD / Month

We are confident in this course and its value, and offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if it doesn't meet your needs. 

Eric Vehe, Past student

"It helped bring a greater awareness of the natural world to me. I felt more comfortable interpreting the story that was unfolding around me, and subsequently feeling more like a participant in that story."

What You Will Learn in the Forgotten Language eCourse:

Lesson One: Natural Mysteries & Questions

Dive in a the beginning of discovering all good answers - asking good questions. Tracking is an exercise in critical thinking, logical reasoning and natural intuition. Explore.

Lesson Two: Patterns

... and the ability to recognize them. How are things related? What makes them similar? Start breaking down the animals that live near you into groups. Think about who's around and what they could be doing.

Lesson Three: Habitat // Track & Sign

We must be familiar with where the animals are if we are to navigate that space in pursuit of their stories. Where do animals live? What bioregions and natural resources effect the way they move and where they make homes? And what are the indicators of an animal's activities that are left behind? 

Lesson Four: Baseline

To be surprised by what you find while tracking, to notice a change in the forest or its dwellers, you must first have expectations, you must first come to know what is "normal." Even as "normal" changes over time.

Lesson Five: Trailing & Track Aging

Details, details, details! How much information can we truly get from one set of prints in the snow? Hint: a lot. Play around with how time effects track and sign, and have even more fun following a set of tracks deep into the woods.

Lesson Six: Animal Gaits & Stories

All things have a distinct way of moving, and the way can change based upon the situation - when we are nervous, we pace; when we are scared, we run; when we are confident, we saunter. Learn the way animals move and why. 

Live "Virtual Campfire" Mentoring Calls 

The virtual campfires are an opportunity for real time mentoring and learning from the course instructors as well as an opportunity to meet and learn from other students. It will be a mix of new teachings, reviewing and answering questions from the course content and student interaction. The next series of calls will be starting in January 2021 and will be open to all enrolled students. 

Dara Stanley, Participant

"Because of this course, I feel we are both more observant of what is around us and can better interpret the signs of our animal friends. Our time in nature has become more slowed and enjoyable. It has allowed for many more questions and curiosities as well."

One Time Payment:


or 3 Payments Plan:

$66USD / Month

We are confident in this course and its value, and offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if it doesn't meet your needs. 

Meet Your Instructor

Chris Gilmour

Chris is the founder and lead trainer at Changing World, a small brand helping both individuals and organizations adapt and thrive in our changing world and climate. They focus on emergency preparedness planning, sustainable and resilient design, and training in survival skills, emergency response and self-reliance.  
Chris brings a very diverse skill set and life experience to all his courses, consulting and training, including:
  • 12 years as Wilderness & Urban Survival Instructor, 
  • 14 years as a Back-Country Wilderness Guide, 
  • 10 years living-on and building a modern day homestead where he grows food & medicinal herbs using permaculture and forest gardening techniques.
  • 6 years experience running emergency exercises and training with government and private organizations.
  • Chris is also a life-long martial artist, certified wildlife tracker, teacher at Sir Sanford Fleming College and has a strong background in ecology.

Curious about what a lesson in tracking can look like?

Professional Benefits of Learning How to Track:

Enhance your resume by listing your ability to read and interpret wildlife track & sign

Become more comfortable, aware and safe in wilderness settings

Increase your knowledge about ecology and wildlife behaviour

Learn activities and games to bring back to your classroom

Include wildlife tracking and encounters in your programming

Personal Benefits of Learning How to Track:

Feel more deeply connected to nature

Increase your ability to find and observe wildlife undisturbed in their natural habitat

Get to know what creatures move through your backyard/neighborhood and better understand the ecology of your region

Be able to look at a string of tracks & see the animal moving in your mind's eye

More opportunities for stewardship and restoration

Add more depth to Urban Nature experiences

What Does 'Tracking' Mean? 

we asked some of our instructors and mentors...

We want you to answer this question for yourself. Pursuing this skill will lead to nothing less than an epic journey, we promise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

What if I live in the city or do not know where to track & do the outdoor activities?

No problem what so ever! This course can be completed in any ecosystem. Whether you live in the city, suburbs, country, or wilderness, we will help you learn to read nature's tracks & signs in that habitat and find where the wildlife are!

Will this help with my career and professional development?

Whether you are a teacher or educator, or you work in another field related to the outdoors, this course can help you increase your knowledge of ecology and wildlife as well as develop field skills. We do not offer any certification but you can still list it on a resume. We also offer lots of activities that teachers and educators can bring back to their programs and schools.

Does it matter what season I take the course in?

No, the skills being taught and the adventure challenges can be applied in spring, summer, fall, or winter!

Can I really learn about nature and deepen my natural connection in an online course?

Don't worry, we'd rather be outside than in front of a computer to! A lot of the learning still happens outside. The online videos allow us to teach some of the most important pieces in a really effective way with the perfect examples. Then each lesson has a series of guided activities you complete out in nature with your workbook. And last, the online community & "Virtual Campfire" webinars give you a stage to ask questions and share your excitement and lessons, thus interact with real people and mentors. It is the best of both worlds!

How much time do I need to complete the course?

This one is mostly up to you. The more you put in, the more you get out. Each module has between 30min and 1 hour of video and we recommend doing 1 module every 2 weeks. Then you spend ideally 2+ hrs every week (more is better but not required, & fewer works too) to work on the activities out in nature and post in the online community. If you want to attend the "Virtual Campfire" coaching, this is an additional 3 hrs a month, but optional. If you can commit a 1/2 day a week you will get a ton out of the course. If that is too much, you will still learn & grow, it's really up to you!

What equipment & resources do I need?

Having a wildlife and tracking field guide is helpful and we recommend our favorites inside the course. If you do not wish to invest in a field guide at this time, you can complete your research online or borrow a field guide from your local library. Outside of that, a way to print your workbook is helpful, clothing to go explore outside, a measuring tape to measure tracks, and a camera or phone to take pictures to share in the online community forums.

Do I need any prior knowledge of nature or outdoor experience?

All experience levels are welcome, even complete beginners! We will guide you step by step in deepening your connection to and significantly increasing your knowledge of ecology and wildlife.

What if I have experience in the outdoors or tracking already?

We have designed the course in a way that it can accommodate people of all different experience levels. If you already have some experience, we aim to help you to go deeper with it and encourage you to take advantage of the online community and Virtual Campfire calls. If you enroll and feel you are not learning enough in the first 30-days, we are happy to give you a full refund as well, but we suspect you won't need to!

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