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October & November Theme: Food & Water Security for Individuals & Families

** The Oct/Nov schedule is still in the works and subject to change. We will finalize it shortly.


Oct 9th, 2019

"ensuring Clean water for people & the planet"

Scott Miller & Water First &

Water Security is one of the worlds most important issues. Learn the essentials of purification and restoring natural water sources. 

Oct 16th, 2019

"Wild foraging

for food and medicine"

with Laura Gilmour,

Laura Gilmour Wild Muskoka

Nature is one of our strongest allies in changing times. Learn about the basics of foraging for food and medicine. 

Oct 30th, 2019

"TBA Soon

Nov 6th, 2019

​"What Nature & History say about climate change"

with C​aleb Muskgrave,

Caleb Musgrave Canadian Bushcraft

The tracks of Climate Change can be seen in Nature and heard in our old stories. Learn How to listen, read, and what to do!

Upcoming Themes:
December - Financial Resiliency
January - Wilderness Survival
February - Dealing with Grief & Fear
March/April - Growing Your Own Food

** The winter/spring themes are subject to change based on presenter availability.

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How Membership is part of a Regenerative Model.

Part of being a resilient community is setting up financial systems that are sustainable and regenerative. Here, we draw inspiration from concepts that describe recurring win-win scenarios, like how permaculture creates systems that benefit both people and their ecosystems, year after year. As a member of the Changing World Community, you pay a monthly fee. We also choose an Organization of the Month, often related to the theme and one of our expert teachers, that revives a percentage of this fee every month. This means that:

by getting amazing and innovative resources in the community such as access to all the web classes, eCourses, audio/video/PDF workbooks, and tons of other content at a low monthly rate

They WIN
our Organization of the Month  WINs by having their work in the world supported by reoccurring monthly income/donations. Learn about who we are working with this month HERE

by having a budget for creating content that doesn't come out of pocket, and securing some livelihood for our small staff team. Meet them HERE

Highlights From Inside Your Membership:

"Survive the Storms" Course

The essential crash course for anybody who wants to be prepared for extreme weather and disasters.

"The Ultimate Emergency Kit"

Create the perfect emergency kit for your unique situation and budget.

Go from surviving to thriving. 



Bob Stilger talks about lessons from Fukushima & the California Wildfires, & the need for regenerative responders.

*With many more to come, based on your suggestions & requests.*

What Members Are Saying:


Chantale Killey, Member 

“Survive the Storms took a topic which for me was overwhelming, and broke it into practical, engaging, useful, and even FUN steps.  The course is suitable for someone who has not spent any time preparing for disasters, but also offers enough depth for someone who has.  Chris does a great job at removing the fear from this topic, and turning it into something engaging and intelligent.

Sara Quirino, Member & Mother

“I like being prepared and want to know as much as possible to keep myself and my family safe. It covers all the most important subjects and there is a community and amazing teacher to help with any questions in the future”

Michael Graham, Members & Father

“The live classes were a lot of fun!

The training made me become accountable and actually practice what was being taught, especially during the live classes. So I feel I have taken more action, and will continue to take more action, on the things I learned in the course.

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