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​Online Courses:

Natural Born Tracker eCourse

This course will immerse you into the ancient, yet still relevant, art and science of wildlife tracking. Learn how to read the story of nature like a living storybook and increase your awareness and enjoyment of the natural world.

​Natural Born Tracker will walk you through all the foundations of becoming a great tracker one step at a time. The course is made of of video lessons, tracking assignments & activities for you to complete in your region, worksheets to support your learning and a online Facebook group to ask questions, share your stories and photo's. 

​2018 Workshops & Training Opportunities:

​The 2018 training schedule will be posted soon.
We are also available for business emergency preparedness consulting, ​education consulting and custom training programs for your organization. More information will be coming soon. In the mean time please email for details -

​Past workshops from 2017

​Emergency Preparedness Workshops   -  Click on dates ​for registration & see link​ below for details.
Emergency Preparedness Workshop

​​November 18 & 19, 2017 - Guelph Outdoors School, Guelph, ON, Canada​ - Click for more information

December 1 & 2, 2017 - Peterborough, ON, Canada  ​

December 8 & 9, 2017 - Huntsville, ON, Canada - More info & registration coming soon

​** This workshop is also available to be custom designed and hosted in your local community. ​​Please email for more details

​For a Full ​Description of the Course - CLICK HERE -


Creating family & community communication plans for when phones go down.
Cutting through the overwhelm of possibilities by conducting an accurate hazard and risk assessment
Learn about storing, collecting and purifying water if your municipal system stops flowing or is contaminated.
Learn best practices for surviving different types of disasters and emergencies.
Learn strategies for, and how to, store and cook food during longer-term emergencies.
Learn how to use essential emergency gear and what to have in your kits
Develop a family/community plan for a changing world and climate!
And more!
Specific Topics May Include:
Develop confidence in your ability to keep your family safe through the planning workbook you complete during the workshop.  

Tighten bonds in your community as you work together and plan how you can support each other in times of need.

Learn fundamental emergency survival skills and how to make and utilize advanced emergency kits, even on a budget.

Change concern for the future into a feeling of empowerment through small but high leverage actions!
Workshop Highlights

Have you been feeling a growing concern about the state of the world and environment?

We have witnessed one significant disaster after another this past year, and several have hit close to home. According to Climate Change research agencies such as OCCAIR, this could be the new norm.