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How to Stay Warm in Winter, Mind, Body, Shelter
How to Stay Warm in Winter, Mind, Body, ShelterIn this post, I would like to invite you to deepen your[...]
Preparing for Prosperity, How to Plan for an Uncertain Future
Preparing for ProsperityHow I'm Planning for an Uncertain Future IntroductionThis post was written to start a conversation in the Changing[...]
Best Emergency Preparedness Gifts Ideas for Family & Friends
12 Great Emergency Preparedness Gifts for Family, Friends or Yourself  Want to Skip to the Gear & Gift ideas? -[...]
How to be Resilient in an Uncertain Future, Nature Teaches Us
How to be Resilient in an Uncertain Future, Nature Teaches Us A lot of comments and emails came in after[...]
Are You As Resilient As You Think? – Are You Sure?
Are You as Resilient as You Think? - Are You Sure? Turns out I'm not…   We are in an era[...]
Fall 2018 Emergency Preparedness Workshops
Fall Workshops 2018 We will be offering our flagship Emergency and Disaster Survival course, "Building Resiliency", in two locations this fall.[...]
Survive a Tornado, What You Need to Know and Common Myths
​Survive a Tornado. What You Need to Know and Common Myths. ​The alarm was followed by the announcement that a "Tornado[...]
What You Need to Know, a FREE Mini Course in Emergency & Disaster Preparedness
What You Need to Know, A FREE Audio Mini Course in Emergency & Disaster PreparednessOne of the primary goals of[...]
How to Grow Your Own Mushrooms, Survival Gardening for Food Self Sufficiency
Interested in Food Self Sufficiency? Grow Your Own Mushrooms! ​If you are interested in ​how to grow your own mushrooms[...]
Ice Storms – Storm Preparedness Checklist
​How to Prepare for an Ice Storm ​If you would like to skip right to the action list, ​​then scroll[...]
Growing Your Own Food; Survival Gardening in a Changing Climate
​Some Food for Thought & Practical Food Growing Tips for a Changing Climate & Self-Reliance ​Since my late teens, I[...]
Traveling to Tsunami & Earthquake Zones – Part 2
​In part one I told a story about a sea kayaking trip in Haida Gawii that taught me "ignorance is[...]
West Coast Tsunami’s & Vacation Planning; Lessons from Nature – Part 1
Newsletter Heading - Almost dyeing sea kyaking taught me about tsunamis ​Can you imagine living in "ignorant bliss" most of[...]
8 Less Known Tips, Prepare for Winter Storms, Extreme Cold & the Bomb Cyclone, Part Two
​8 Less Know Tips to Prepare for Winter Storms & Extreme Cold - Part 2Lessons From NatureA Winter "Bomb Cyclone"As I[...]
Prepare for Extreme Cold & Winter Storms, Part One; Lessons from Nature in Resiliency
4 Lessons From Nature in being Prepared for Winter Storms, Extreme Cold & for Better Enjoyment!- Part 1Part one of[...]
Top Apps To Help You & Your Family Stay Safe & Prepared
​ ​Introduction ​In today's post, we are going to look at ​my top 10 apps for emergency preparedness. These could[...]
How Past Hurricanes Can Prepare Us For Florence & The Future
What Irma Can Teach Us About Preparing for Hurricane Florence & the Future. As Hurricane Florence barrels down on the[...]
Manifesto for Adapting to Climate Change & a Changing World
    ** Warning: The next three paragraphs recap recent world events. They may at first seem pessimistic ​or heavy, this[...]
Getting Started in Personal & Family Disaster Preparedness – Part 1
​​ ​Getting Started in ​Personal & Family Disaster Preparedness ​Personal and ​Family Disaster preparedness can be an overwhelming topic. I[...]
Part 2 – Learning from Hurricane Irma & Harvey – Preparing for Climate Change
What can we learn from Natural Disasters such as Hurricane Irma & Harvey to be better prepared for Climate Change?[...]
6 Lessons from Hurricane Irma & Harvey in Preparing for Natural Disasters & Climate Change
What Irma & Harvey CanTeach us to Prepare for Hurricane Florence & the Future. Want the key points? - Scroll to[...]
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