Emergency Preparedness Workshop
Sep 08

Fall 2018 Emergency Preparedness Workshops

By Chris Gilmour | Disaster Survival , Prepared Lifetyle

Fall Workshops 2018

We will be offering our flagship Emergency and Disaster Survival course, "Building Resiliency", in two locations this fall. It likely will not be offered again for a while so if this interests you, get this valuable training before it is too late. (Click Dates to Register)

** The Guelph workshop will be slightly more in-depth and advanced but Beginners
 are welcome at both. 

Are you  concerned about the state of the world?

We have witnessed one significant disaster after another this past year, and several have hit close to home. According to Climate Change research agencies such as OCCAIR, this could be the new norm.

This workshop is designed to give you confidence and peace of mind.

To ensure you have the knowledge, skills and a solid game plan to keep yourself and family safe in the event of a disaster and a changing world. 

The principals of this workshop can be applied to your work environment and community planning as well. 

“I feel a lot more reassured”


I now have a personal carry kit and a grab and go bag that I keep in the car. I was happy to have it as I drove through the ice storm this weekend. I finally added a water supply for our house and got a camp stove so we can cook if we experience a longer outage.

It helps me feel a lot more self-sufficient and confident about how my family would cope in a prolonged emergency situation. I feel a lot more reassured knowing that I can be organized and there are specific things I can do to take care of my family.

Gina Mulic (Mother, Past Participant)
Survival in a car
Survive a Tornado
Water Purification

Workshop Highlights

  • Create family communication plan for when the phones & wifi go down. How do you get back together if separated. 
  • Cut through the overwhelm of possibilities and learn where to focus your limited time and resources.
  • Learn about storing, collecting and purifying water if your municipal system stops flowing or is contaminated.
  • Learn best practices for surviving different types of disasters and emergencies.
  • Learn strategies for, and how to, store and cook food during longer-term emergencies.
  • Learn how to use essential emergency gear and what to have in your kits.
  • Develop a long term family plan for being resilient and adaptable in a quickly changing world.
  • And more!

Lindsay Workshop

October 13 & 14, 2018

Guelph Workshop

November 17 & 18, 2018

Disaster Survival Workshop
How to survive a tornado
Sep 02

Survive a Tornado, What You Need to Know and Common Myths

By Chris Gilmour | Disaster Survival , Extreme Weather

​Survive a Tornado. What You Need to Know and Common Myths. 

​The alarm was followed by the announcement that a "Tornado Warning" (different than a “Tornado Watch”) had been issued for most of Southern Ontario. The highest risk area was just south of me and I ​had friends and family in the "red zone".

A friend of mine called to say, "I don't have a basement. Where do I take shelter?" 

I'll finish that story in a moment. 

To skip to the 10 Tornado Survival Myths & Tips scroll down to the title below

​But first,

  • ​Have you thought about where the best place to shelter in your home during a Tornado is? 
  • Do you know what specific tornado survival gear you should bring with you into that place?
  • ​What about if you are at work or if you are driving?
How to survive a tornado

​There are a lot of common myths around Tornado Safety and what to do.

  • Are you supposed to open your window first?​
  • ​If you driving, is going under a concrete overpass really a good idea?

Keep reading to hear the latest research!

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