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Laura PinneyMother, Mentor, Student of Chris's

 As a single mother in this complex culture of climate change and political turmoil, knowing how to keep my family safe felt like a riddle I couldn't solve. Chris supported me to move through my fear-based concerns and empowered my whole family with practical applications that easefully integrated into our life. His multifaceted approach to any situation makes him and the wisdom he carries an invaluable resource.

What will the Advanced Course Cover?

Advanced Webinar 1

Survival Mindset    & The Tools to Thrive

Oct 11, 8:30pm est

  1. Develop a realistic & personalized strategy to deal with the short term predictions of climate change & extreme weather
  2. Develop a Family Communication Plan, Have a plan for when the phone lines go down
  3. Learn essential survival skills and hacks
  4. Create the BEST possible emergency kits for YOUR UNIQUE situation

Advanced Webinar 2

Resilient Home  Clean Water & Enough Food

Oct 18, 8:30pm est

  1. Harden your home against extreme weather & other emergencies such as intruders
  2. Learn how to find and decontaminate water if your drinking water becomes contaminated
  3. Learn about efficient, low budget emergency food storage. Do it once & forget about it!
  4. Continue to develop your unique survival strategy

$39 before Sept 5

$59 after Sept 5

Advanced Webinar 3

Beyond 72hrs      Bigger Scale Emergencies & A Resilient Lifestyle

Oct 26, 8:30pm est

  1. Surviving beyond 3 days, what changes in long term survival?
  2. Learn basic home security without electricity
  3. Learn about alternate /survival options for heat & fuel
  4. Learn about top foods & medicinal herbs you can grow for longer emergencies
  5. Learn tools & tactics to prepare for a pandemic
  6. Establish your next steps towards a resilient life!